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We invite you to get to know us and commit yourself to our science communication project. The contributions of the entire community of experts and science enthusiasts are essential to carry out our task of bringing science to every home in the world.

We are proud of our work

Science is the best tool we have to unravel the mysteries of nature and the cosmos. Our society, with its benefits and shortcomings, is largely the product of achievements we’ve cultivated over centuries, from the ancient greeks to modern scientists. Educating the public in a wide variety of aspects such as our cosmic origins, the evolution of life, and the new avenues in biotechnology is a titanic task. But we have taken up the challenge. We believe that a more scientifically educated society is one with greater critical thinking and the ability to transform its environment.

Our History

Hi, I am Daniel. For many years I have been passionate about science. Something I may owe to my father, since he came home with a VHS package entitled Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I think many of you have been through the same experience. So as expected, I studied to become a scientist. Even though I felt a special attraction to the universe and the mysteries of space and time, I decided to devote myself to unraveling the mysteries of the brain. While I was on that route, I had the opportunity to be a member of the School of Astronomy in Cali (Colombia) where I cultivated my passion for science divulgation through conferences and courses. In the same way, I wrote several articles on scientific topics for national newspapers and contributed with different blogs on the internet. An outstanding personal achievement, and my first as a science communicator, was the publication of my first book: Fundamentals of cosmology, the science of the universe (In Spanish).

That was the seed to expand my science communication project. One afternoon, while I was talking to a friend, ScienceLogs came up as a tentative name for a project I later fell in love with. I love writing and sharing the wonders of nature with people. From now on, I hope this will not only be a personal effort but hundreds of people collaborating worldwide. It is a pleasure for me to accompany you on this journey. I can tell you that we started here, but not where we will go. 

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.

Carl Sagan

Meet our team



I am the Boss

I am a neuroscientist specialized in astrocytes and extracellular matrix. I have wide scientific interests, among which standout cosmology, evolution, and glial respond to brain injury.



He is the smart IT guy

If our platform works in all its details, it is thanks to him. Besides being one of the smartest people I know and an excellent programmer, he is also my brother. 



She talks to everyone

Our educational porpuse takes place thanks to her excellent communication skills. She brigs our plataform to scientists, the public and institutions. If you want to hear from us,talk to her. 

"El Tio"

"El Tio"

He makes this site looks great

The logos, Dr. Sapiens and other graphic elements are his creation. Thanks to this prominent graphic designer, ScienceLogs is an admirable platform at first sight.

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